Plum Island Surfcasters - Annual Fundraiser & Junior Program Support Show


DJ Mullerdjmuller: I love surfcasting and I take it seriously. It is a great sport with endless boundaries and endless places to go to with endless techniques to learn. The striper coast has tireless beauty. I love fishing the tranquil sand beaches at first light with shorts and a T-shirt on for small summer bass, as well as donning the wetsuit and making my way out into rocky boulder fields on windy black nights, getting pounded by waves, to find my favorite rock to fish off of. The singing drag throws my adrenaline into high gear. In the game of surfcasting you have to be good at everything, from slinging eels, to throwing Slug-Go's to fishing with bunker heads for cows. The more you know the better you will do in this game.

Surf Strategies: Sharpen Your Sword!

3 Variables that may help you elevate your production in catching stripers from the surf.
Wet suiting-How crazy is this?!!! "We never did it that way before!"
Boulder fields-Are they the best striper habitat?
Plug Modifications-Why mess around with what works?



Ron Powers:

Boston Harbor - the biggest fish bowl in New England!

On The Water "Insider" Ron Powers takes us on a tour from spring to fall, from smelt to stripers from shore to sea about the myriad of fishy possibilities that are available in Boston Harbor and neighboring areas.




Saturday February 27, 2010
Door Opens at 8:00am
Newbury Fire Hall
3 Morgan Ave
Newbury, MA

Extensive Raffle Table, local exhibitors, lure makers, FOOD

Admission - Member’s $8.00   Non-Members $13.00




Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night


Speaking of Winter Reading...

Re-released for 2010 - Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night

Available at Saltwater Edge, SRI, and River's End

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