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Due to overwhelming demands of recipes for these great fish, we've cobbled up a few that were posted on the message boards:

From the Polish Prince:

Sounds great - I'm always on the lookout for recipes - here's one that I've tried with several kinds of fish.
Clean and fillet, leaving the skin on. Make several parrallel slashes on the flesh side about 1-2 inches apart and not quite all the way through. Swab each of these slashes with some olive oil (if you can make your own garlic flavored olive oil in advance it is even better). Put the fillet on the grill skin side down fo about 10-20 minutes depending on size of thickness. While it is grilling mix about 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of raspberry jam. When the fish is done put your spatula between the flesh and the skin - it wil lift off like a dream with no breaking up (leave the skin to just cook to ashes). Take the vinegar/jam stuff and baste the fish, pour a frosty cold one, butter your corn on the cob and feast away!!
Let me know how it goes with stripers??


from Jenn:

I LOVE shellfish of any kind but fish-fish isnt huge on my list...unless......

I make ANY fish rolled up it foil, on the grill (or baked in the oven) with peppers, onions, butter, and lemon juice. you would not BELIEVE the people who say they HATE fish dive into fish I have made this way.... and couldnt believe that they actually LIKED it!!!!!! Now I HATE pepppers and onions...but I love the flavor they give! It is simple easy and delicious!!!! You cant go wrong!

I also want to add one more major POINTER..

As I used to cook in a seafood restaraunt , the most common "compliment to the chef" was the fact that the food was not overcooked.... this really is a problem.....most seafood is done as soon as it is "white" all the way through (you know what I mean) Please...dont over do it! It is the biggest mistake people make when cooking any kind of seafood. Just keep an eye on it....and you cant go wrong!!Trust me!!!

One more recipe that is simple and easy...

for fried seafood (good for almost anything)

1 Part corn flour (not corn meal)
2 parts regular flour
dash of salt

dip in milk...then flour mix...deep fry...and you have yourself a delicious meal!! whebn deep frying....when you see fish float completely in the is done!!!! it doesnt get any easier than that!!!

LOBSTER on the beach??? yeah trust me!!! wrap the lobster in foil, put about a cup or two of seawater in the foil. throw on the grill and steam until done....mmmmmmm.....yum! Same goes for steamers and such.....

From Slammer:

This is one I started using for Cod this year and now my freezer is empty!

Take the fillets...skinned or your preference..and place them in a buttered baking pan. bake them at 350 for 7-10 min depending on the thickness. take the pan out and cover the fish in dill weed...don't be shy with it either. cover with crushed Ritz crackers or bread crumbs and bake for another 7-10 minutes. if I use bread crumbs I usually put some pats of butter on the fillets but the Ritz crackers are creamy enough. Its delicious. I got the recipe from a woman while deep sea fishing. its easy and relatively quick...give it a try...haven't tried it with the stripers yet!

From Nightfighter:

OK guys and gals, let's get some of your recipes, detailed or not, so we can start sharing. Dig out those recipes as I expect we all might have a chance to prepare dinner in the near term! Gotta believe there is a wealth of ideas out there for John R to create a page/link.

Grilled Striper from the single dad

Squeeze lemon over filet
Sprinkle with fresh crushed garlic
Can also apply a thin spead of mayonaise to keep moist
put sliced or chopped veggies of choice on top (I like onions, peppers, tomatoes, and/or summer squash
salt and pepper to your taste
cook on grill skin side down, do not flip
depending on thickness and heat, approx 20-25 min
time will vary if you grill with foil underneath


From Gus:

This recipe works on any type of fish!!

Bread Crumbs (or shake n bake)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Fresh chopped garlic
Fresh Basil

It's so easy!!!
Place bread crumbs in bowl, add salt and pepper, freshed chopped garlic(as much as you like!), freshed Basil chopped coarsely(don't skip the basil...if you never tried it...try it). Add olive oil to moisten crumbs (about a quarter cup)
Spread the mix liberally on the fillets.

I usually leave the skin on the fillets, place on tin foil and cook on the grill. When done, the skin will stick to the tin foil, use a rubber spatula and the fish easily seperates from the skin.

Serve and wait for the compliments from your guests.

I'm not sure why bluefish gets such a bad rap! Try this recipe and tell me what you think!!

From Lil' Hands:

Here is one for ya.... The old foil pack on the grill...

Spread a thin layer of butter on the foil, Place the fillet on the butter. Pour a small amount of olive oil over the fillet.
Now add a touch of salt, Crushed black pepper, a little jerk seasoning, and some fresh chives.
Roll foil up to make a pouch (keep an air pocket in it) place on grill and wait for the steam to come out from around the edges. Steam for 3-6 min. open and enjoy!!!
Very good with fresh striper.

From Steve in Mass

Fillet your fish, leaving the skin on (your ganna have to scale it)

Mix together some good dijon mustard, mayo, olive oil, white wine, tarragon (dried or fresh), a splash or three of "What's this here sauce" and /or soy sauce, some garlic powder, and some "Old Bay" type seasoning to make a "Creamy Italian" type dressing....

Take your fillet, and cut a couple slits thru the skin side about 1/8" or so deep. Put it in a pyrex baking dish skin side up, and take some of the dressing and put it on the skin side, forcing some into the slits. Flip it over, pierce the fillet all over with a fork, and pour on the rest of the dressing.

Let marinade in the fridge for about an hour, up to three.

It's best if you have a fish basket for the grill.....heat up the grill and the basket. Use some of the marinade to grease up the basket or the grill grate so the fish won't stick.

Cook the fish for about 15 minutes or so (depending on thickness), turning 3 or 4 times turning the cooking, and brushing on the excess marinade before each turn.....

Yummy, and this works just as great with the hated bluefish and weakfish as well......

BTW, keep the head and the frame, and clip out the gills.....clean out all the guts, throw it in a pot of water and simmer for 15-20'll be amazed at all the extra meat you get to make a "striper" salad or fish cakes....not to mention an excellent fish stock for chowder.....

Disclaimer: Skip that last part if you are one of those toxins/PCB worrywarts.....


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