Keep Cool Eel Bucket
Written by MacoJoe   
Ok I have had a few people say this is a great invention?? And said I should put it in the how to section. So here it goes:

You will need 3 buckets. I like the short 3 gal type but you can use any size that you have. I like the short buckets because they are not so top heavy when complete.

First bucket, You want to drill a hole in the side near the bottom as a drain. You will also need a plug for the hole so you can keep it from dripping water when traveling
Second bucket : You want to drill a hole bunch of 1/8 inch holes in the bottom.

Third bucket: you want to cut the bottom 2 to 4 inches off. Then you will drill a bunch of 1/8 holes in the bottom you cut off. Then you want to cut a 1" band off the top section. When you have the 1 " band cut you wan to cut it in half and rivt it to the bottom full of holes. Now you have a basket.

Now you want to put bucket #2 into bucket #1 I like to lift #2 up a little to give it more space at the bottom so it can hold alot of water if it has to. I like to have a 4 inch space there.
Mark bucket #1 were the #2 bucket will reat and drill about 5 holes around the bucket.
Now take 1" long stainless bolts and attach #2 bucket to #1 bucket using wing nuts. Buy using wing nuts you will be able to take it apart easy for cleaning when needed.
Now take the basket you made with bucket #3 and rest on top of bolts with wing nuts.
You will need a cover of some kind. I like to use Gamma seal screw covers
They screw nice and tight. They are also great to put on a good bucket and use for dry storage in your boat !!

Now add ells sea weed top with basket add ice and cover. Put in cool place away from the sun and re ice daily. I have kept 2 dozen eels alive for a week and 1 dozen for 2 weeks before!!

Well there you have it. Good Luck!!

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