Plugfest 2006 - A Step Back in TIme (Continued)

The Guide to Custom Fishing Lure Building – Plug Fest 2006 – The Winter Meeting for Hand Crafted Custom Plug and Lure Builders in the Northeast to swap plugs, skills, tips, and tricks.

Always a highlight of every year and (especially the Winters ) is PlugFest. And this year is no exception. Below are some highlights from the Plug Board on PlugFest 06~

saltwater lures

Contest Plugs from PlugFest 2005

Plugfest 2006 - Feb 11th - By Bruce a/k/a Slipknot

Once again we can all get together and talk plugs, swap stuff and ideas,demonstrate,compete and of course EAT. This year it will once again be at The Mitchell Memorial Club in Middleboro MA just off rt. 28 near rt. 105. Time is from 9am to 4 pm. Admission is $10 to cover hall expense among other things. They have a full kitchen so bring some grub or whatever. We should have a signup thread for who is bringing what so we don't get 50,000 donuts or nobody bringing plates or something. (Plugfest 2010 info is HERE)
We will be having the plug competition again, read about it on canalman's thread.
We also would like to demonstrate airbrushing so if anyone has a portable spraybooth that we can use, that will be most helpful. We'll need one that is capable of filtering the overspray from Createx paints since we'll be indoors. Maybe a small compressor also depending on who will be doing the airbrushing. So bring your airbrushes and some primed blanks and maybe you can get a lesson or 2. And maybe someone can bring some of that Bernzy airbrush cleaner, hopefully Bernzy himself can make it but I understand it's a long way to come.
I am not sure if we are setting up a lathe again this year, most likely we will. So we can use help with those items again, a Jet or Delta mini-lathe, shopvac, a large tarp. I can bring extension cords.

If anyone has any items they would like to donate for a raffle for the site, feel free to help out as we usually conduct a raffle to raise money for the site to help pay the bills. Ticket will be available at the hall that day.

Any help with this is appreciated, so speak up if you can bring something, and once again we'll all help each other.

There might be someone to do a talk, we're working on that.

OK see you all there.

The Great Plug-Off 2006 Feb, 11th - By Dave a/k/a Canalman

This year, like last year we will be holding a home built plug contest at PlugFest. Starting today and ending the day of PlugFest, entrants will be stowed away in their man caves hoping to hatch a creation that will take 1st prize. Entries will be brought to plugfest in an unmarked brown paper bag, an unbiased, un-bribed, bipartisan member of our prestigious group here at will be asked to display the plugs in a manner which is fair and just. He will also be asked not to aid in the matching of creation to creator. Voting will be cast on a secret ballot, judged by all of your peers as each attendee will cast a scrutinizing eye on the cache of seafaring wood. Votes will be tallied and 3 top finishers will be selected and awarded. Please find the rules of The Great Plug-Off 2006 below.

1. Each plug will be made out of the wood of your choice, using the method of your choice.
2. Each entry will be made from start to finish by one builder only.
3. All plugs entered will be entered as if ready to fish, hooks and other hardware are required.
4. Voting will begin at 12:00 pm and continue until 1 hour before the close of the event.
5. Each voter will be allowed 2 votes, one for 1st place and one for 2nd.
6. There will be 3 prizes (yet to be determined). We’re going to try and at least match the prizes from last years PlugFest, prize quality is sure to be high.

Don’t hold back fellow builders this event is sure to produce some of the most amazing wood we’ve seen yet. And best of all, if you win, it will justify your obsession with bringing blocks of wood to life. As of this moment, The Great Plug-Off 2006 has begun!

Please allow for some flexibility (wink - wink) in the Plans and Schedule as this is a community effort by a lot of the folks at S-B (and a few others as well). The idea is to have some fun, get some inspiration, and meet and share with other builders...


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